Mission 74

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Fargo, ND

Little Rock, Arkansas

April 2, 2010

Mission Report

Rob B is a 40 year old who was providing for his wife and three kids in Maine by taking a short term job installing a pipe line in Fargo ND. He unfortunately was in a bad car accident in January in which he was ejected from his jeep as it rolled over and he suffered skull fractures and traumatic brain injury. As with the case of some of our other transports, part of his skull was removed to allow for brain swelling.

He is originally from Arkansas and is the youngest of 8 children. The family has “taken turns” traveling to Fargo to stay with him as he began waking up from his coma. He has made remarkable progress and is even able to walk with assistance, however he has not regained his eyesight and is still very confused. He has had to have 24 hour bedside watch and his bed low on the floor because he doesn’t like to wear his protective helmet and only soft tissue covers a large part of his brain.

After his family hosted a big fund raiser for him, Grace on Wings was called to fly him back to his birth state of Arkansas for rehab. His sister Deb was with him to fly. Medic Eric and I kept him sedated for the flight to keep him safe. Our expected 3 hour flight became a 5 hour flight as we had to divert to St Louis due to weather. After all of us became a little air sick, we declared Deb to get the “passenger” of the year award for being able to sleep through severe turbulence.

When we arrived at the rehab in Little Rock we were all a little surprised that they placed him in a bed with a netted cage around it in order to protect him. I could see the look on Deb’s face when she realized that they didn’t have the staff to do the 24 hour bedside watch and she knew when he woke up he wouldn’t understand.

We pray for Rob’s continued recovery and are so thankful he has a great family to support him now that he is back home.

Thanks to the expert flying by Hal and Mike, and great care by Chief Medic Eric.



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