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Knoxville, TN

Little Rock, AR

March 17, 2010

Mission Report

Mallori M is a 20 year old that began college 2 years ago to study teaching. She did well until this past semester when she began to loose interest and dropped out. She moved from her mom’s to her father’s but was unable to keep a job. Last week she moved back to her mom’s and decided she needed to visit her ex-boyfriend from high school in Tennessee. Her mom thought her erratic and impulsive behavior was bizarre but she knew she didn’t do drugs or drink and brushed it off as “hormones”. Mallori’s ex-boyfriend mailed her a ticket and she got on a bus to go from Oklahoma to Knoxville, TN 5 days ago.

While she was away, her mom began receiving text messages from her that didn’t make any sense. Then when she didn’t hear from her for 2 days she called the police to make a visit to where she was staying. When the police arrived, they found her confused and unaware of where she was. They took her to the ER and her parents were called when a CT scan of her brain showed abnormalities. They immediately got into a car and made the 13 hr trip. Mallori then had an MRI that showed many serious brain lesions but the doctors where puzzled to what it could be-tumors?, viral or fungal infection? multiple sclerosis or other rare disease? They wanted to get her to a University Hospital for more testing as she continued to be very confused and the doctors where convinced this was a very rare condition.

Problem was that since she had dropped out of college-her parents insurance would no longer cover her care let alone air ambulance (family was offered commercial air ambulance at $13,000). Grace on Wings was called and the next day we were able to get her, along with her mom and grandmother to the University of Arkansas Medical Center. She was very confused during our trip and we even had to give her medication to sedate her at one time as she was pulling at her IV and reaching for the emergency exit on the aircraft. My heart broke as we were in the back of the ground ambulance and she looked at her mom and asked, “who are you?” When her mom explained that she was her mother she said, “you don’t look like my mom-where’s Pookie” (nick-name for her Grandma)?

Our prayers go out to her and her family and the University doctors to find what rare condition is taking over her brain and that she will be cured. Her mom and grandma told me they have faith that God is in control and she is in His hands.

Thanks to expert flying by Mike and Hal and care by my medic Damien.



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