Mission 68

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Raleigh-Durham, NC

Valparaiso, IN

February 20, 2010

Mission Report

Debra A is a 53 year old mother of two youngsters age 3 and 4. She loves children and opened her heart through adoption a few years ago. She unfortunately was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor 2 years ago and despite treatment was losing the battle. She and her family decided to not give up hope for a miracle and flew via commercial airline to North Carolina one week ago to be evaluated at Duke University.

She was seen by world renowned cancer specialists but was told that her tumor was too advanced for any further treatment. Her condition rapidly deteriorated within a few days and she suffered a seizure. She was unable to get back on a commercial flight and her family was told she needed an air ambulance to get her back home to Valparaiso, Indiana.

Having already spent their life savings on her treatment, her family had no means to afford the $16,000 the commercial air ambulance company needed and her insurance would not cover any of it. She also was told she needed to leave the hospital within 2 days-either going to a nursing home in North Carolina or finding a way home. We were contacted by the case manager and when I called to speak to her family, I could hear the desperation and utter exhaustion of her mother. Her father had gone back home to try and get hospice care set up and a hospital bed in their home not knowing how they were going to get her there.

We arrived in Raleigh-Durham on Saturday to a very grateful family. Her friend, who was a retired nurse, flew back with us and was going to help care for her back home. Debra still had her spirits up despite the terrible week she had. She was so thankful for the wooden Cross we gave her (Dr Milstead our medical director had them made of olive wood by Palestinian Christians to give to all of our patients.)

After a 2 1/2 hr flight, we tucked her into her bed at home and she was looking forward to being reunited with her children. She wanted to rest a while so her children could see her at “her best.” Please pray for Debra as she is continuing to hold out hope for a miracle to give her more time with them.

Thanks to expert flying by Hal and Mike, and to medic Damien and EMTs Ashley and Justin for wonderful care.





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