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Chicago, Illinois

Indianapolis, IN

February 4, 2010

Mission Report

Eric B is a 35 year old originally from Indy who moved to Chicago 4 years ago. He was manager of an apartment complex and when he did not show up for work or answer his cell phone on Jan 11th-his employer became concerned. They “happened” to have his father’s phone number and his father just “happened” to be on his way to visit his son when he received the call from them. Those two “coincidences” saved Eric’s life. His father arrived to his home 17 minutes later and broke down the door and found his son unconscious on the couch. Eric who previously had no medical problems had suffered from an aneurysm that burst in his brain. The Lord says He will not give you what you can’t handle and Wow how strong this family has shown they can be.

Eric underwent 3 different brain surgeries and has remained in a coma. He was able to wean off the ventilator but still on IV antibiotics for a lung infection and tube feedings through his stomach tube. His condition was deemed not well enough for a rehab facility but not sick enough to remain in acute hospital care and his family was crushed to learn Eric was going to be sent to a nursing home. They did not give up hope of his recovery and with over 12,000 visits to hiscaring bridge website-many prayers where being offered for God to show His grace to this young man. They then learned he had been accepted to Kindred hospital in Indy-just minutes from most of his family!

His case manager told the family she was excited to find a ground ambulance to transport him for only $3000 (although with traffic it may take 5+ hours in a bumpy ambulance). Then his sister called Grace on Wings who she had heard about from her church. The case manager had not heard of us and thought his family was out of their minds!- No one in the country could get an Air Ambulance plus the ground Ambulance for less than $3000. With the families persistence we were finally called and within 1 day we were able to get him home with for a donation of $1500 (cost to run Nellie) with graciously donated ground ambulance from Superior Ambulance in Chicago and Americare in Indy. From the time we arrived bedside in Chicago on Thursday we were tucking him into his new bed in less than 2 hours.

What is also so special for us is that we were able to serve a family from the church that was our very first Grace on Wings supporter-Southport Presbyterian Church.

Thanks to the great flying again by Hal and Kyle and thanks to our great medic Todd (all of whom agreed to fly right back out Thursday night in order to avoid the winter storm and serve another of God’s family-mission #67)



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