Mission 65

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Ft. Pierce, Florida

Grand Rapids, Michigan

January 20, 2010

Mission Report

Louis M is a 90 year old “snowbird” from Michigan who became ill 2 weeks ago and was hospitalized with pneumonia and heart failure. We were called by his wife who is 84 year old to help get him home from Southern Florida back to Grand Rapids. He has a living will to not resuscitate and I expected him to be very ill by his chart records. We tried to get him Saturday but the hospital wouldn’t except him because they had no ICU beds. I was afraid he may not survive before we could finally get him home.

We were finally able to go get him yesterday when we were told a rehab center finally excepted him. Wow-a “rehab” center for him?? When we arrived I discovered Louis who is 90-looks like he’s 70! He was sitting on the side of the bed with his golf cap on ready to go.

He was kissed goodbye by his dog “T-bear” (see attached photo) and daughter at the airport and we were off for our long flight to Michigan. The views of the ocean and clear blue skies of Southern Florida Coast were beautiful.

He ate a sandwich and crackers during the flight and both he and his wife took naps. We landed in Dayton for refuel and unexpectedly began to worry his wife when we began hurrying due to the onset of freezing rain. She said after we landed safely in Michigan that she must have said the Lord’s prayer over 100 times during the short 20 minute flight in the bad weather. Louis was unimpressed and was excited to be home near his farm. First thing he asked the nurse was “where’s dinner?”

Thanks to the 13 hour day put in by our expert pilots Hal and Kyle and to my wonderful medic Larry. Thank you God for keeping us safe in the ice and helping us to reunite this family.


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