Mission 63/64

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Chicago, Illinois

Kansas City, Missouri

January 13, 2010

Mission Report

This was an amazing day for Grace on Wings and the way that God showed us how much He is in control.

We received a call a few weeks ago to help 42 year old over the road trucker that has been stranded in Kansas City after she had a gallstone block her duct and contracted pancreatitis. Her name is Tina. She has had multiple abdominal surgeries and was considered to have a 100% mortality rate by the doctors but miraculously survived. Her husband had gone to be by her side and had lost his job and their home because of that. The family literally was left with nothing and was desparately trying to raise the funding to get her home to Detroit.

We then received a call from the family of Sandra W. that they were trying to raise money on Facebook to get her home from a hospital in Chicago after she became ill coming home from vacation in the Phillipines with an infection and couldn’t make her connecting flight. Turns out she needed to go to Kansas City. She had come down with an infection of a knee replacement that got into her blood and seeded in her spine causing paralysis and respiratory failure-now awake but ventilator dependent.

It was so amazing how God worked it out that we were able to serve both families on the same day and provide the flights for 1/2 the normal needed cost and we were even able to get all of the ground ambulance donated from Superior Ambulance and Mast Ambulance companies.

God even worked out the details as Sandra was going to the KU hospital’s 6th floor and Tina was on KU’s 6th floor needing to leave!!! I was shocked to learn that both patients even became ill and hospitalized on the same day: 10-10-09. Thanks to great flying again by Hal and Kyle and to my wonderful RT Chris for showing Christ’s love to these patients and families.