Mission 235

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Austin, Texas


Indianapolis, Indiana

Saturday May 11, 2013

Mission Report

Myrtle -called by Tilley or Grammy by her family- was visiting her family near Austin last November when she had difficulty breathing and severe pneumonia and was hospitalized and had to be placed on life support. She remarkably was able to recover enough to go to her daughter’s house with home care but relapsed 6 weeks ago. She was back on the ventilator and this time came down with multi-drug resistant infections. Her heart and kidneys began to fail and her family knew they needed to get her finally back home to Indiana before she died.

When we arrived bedside in Austin to pick her up, she had the most family present that I’d ever seen. It was the day before Mother’s day and she was a mother of ten children and lots of grandchildren. We placed her on our ventilator and prepared her for flight as the family drove out to the airport to see us off. When we arrived with Tilley, there was a small crowd out on the tarmac. And after we loaded her into the aircraft, we had a number of daughters that had to give “just one last kiss”. Wow how this lady was loved.

We flew with her sister back to Indiana. With Tilley’s organs shutting down, I was praying hard that God kept her alive during the flight. The doctors in Texas had discussed with the family that she may not be strong enough to make it through the stress of flight and they were all trying to prepare themselves in case she was not alive when we landed.

God is gracious and Tilley was stable (flying at lower than usual altitude.) As promised, as soon as we were low enough to get a signal on my cell phone, I sent a text to the daughter that she had done well in flight and actually a rainbow had followed us in.

What an amazing visual reminder of God’s promise to take care of us!

Thanks to the wonderful crew at Heartland for meeting us at Indy and donating the ground trip to St Vincent-you guys are so awesome!

Thanks for wonderful flying by Hal and Rusty, and for my RT Kim and flight following by Mike.



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