Mission 233

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Shreveport, Louisiana


Nashville, Tennessee

Thursday May 9, 2013

Mission Report

On May 9, 2013, Hal, Tamara and I had the opportunity to fly
to Shreveport, Alabama (on our 233rd mission flight) to fly Miss Patricia P. to Nashville, Tennessee. She was moving there to be closer to her daughter’s home, where she would spend the last chapters of her wonderful life.

Our transport process was a bit delayed by the discovery that Patricia had not had any pre-flight lab or x-rays completed.

While we were waiting for her lab work results, we had opportunity to spend extra time with Patricia and her daughter.

This is always a pleasure, for me, because these types of interactions have such a genuine, heart-felt quality. It reminds me of my visits with family members with whom I was only able to visit once or twice a year. Patricia and her daughter (Karen) spoke (with giggles) of how they spent the previous evening keeping themselves amused by writing a poem, together.

If memory serves me, one of the lines went, “I’ll miss my mother more than wings and beer night at the bar…” It is in these moments that I believe God allows us to maintain our humor and focus on the joy of the memories of our time spent loving one another, celebrating the evidence of His Grace in our lives. I am grateful that they allowed us to have a peek at these pieces of their happiness.

Miss Patricia spent the uneventful flight dozing and was greeted by the sweetest RN at her beautiful, new facility in Nashville. Having had the opportunity to facilitate her transit home has added immeasurable joy to my life.

JoLynne Anderson RN, BSN
Grace on Wings Flight RN


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