Mission 231

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Atlanta, Georgia

Denver, Colorado

Friday April 26, 2013

Mission Report

Robert G is a 58 year old and a hgh school teacher that relocated from Colorado last autumn. He took a job in Atlanta to teach under-served inner-city kids. While waiting for a bus on the sidewalk, he was tragically struck by a car driven by a 78 year old lady that swerved off the road to avoid another car. He suffered a severe head injury and broken neck. He is not married and had no family in the Atlanta area. It took the hospital several days to find and notify his family back in Denver.

His sister flew down to be by his side. He had already undergone brain and neck surgery and was on total life support. As days turned into weeks and he remained unresponsive, the family searched for a way to get him transferred back to Colorado to be near family. They couldn’t handle just putting him alone in a nursing home in Atlanta.

They found Grace on Wings through a case worker in Denver. We flew out to get him and the hospital was putting a second chest tube in when we arrived because he had a small amount of trapped air in his lungs. He was still on a ventilator and in a large neck brace. His spinal cord had been severed at the lower neck area.

We had a challenging time trying to be sure all 7 tubes that kept his body alive where not dislodged when we moved him onto our cot and into the ground ambulance. The medical crew in Atlanta was so helpful. His only belongings we had to take with us included a few medications and a large poster with “Get Well” wishes of his high school class.

His vital signs were stable during the 5 1/2 hour flight to Denver but he didn’t show any responsiveness. He would occasionally half open his eyes or twitch his shoulders.

When we arrived at the Kindred nursing home, his sister-in-law was there to greet us. Roberts eyes were wide open at the time and she was in tears to see it. I believe he knew he was finally home and near to his loved ones.

We pray for his continued comfort in being near his family and we pray for God to direct the decisions to be made in near future for him.

Thanks to great flying by Hal and care by medic Adam and flight follower Mike. Thanks to God for the safety in flight and for the awesome Rocky Mountain view!



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