Mission 229

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Walterboro, South Carolina

Longview, Texas

Friday April 12, 2013

Mission Report

Martha E was visiting her sister in SC when she began to develop abdominal pain. She was finally seen in a local ER and diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. Her condition worsened over the next few days and she was rushed into surgery where it was found that her intestines had lost blood supply and she had a large part of them removed.

Over the next few days her body began to shut down and she was placed on a ventilator to help her breathe. Her daughter and son took turns traveling out to be by her side and prayed for a miracle. God answered by allowing her to stabilize and giving them a way to get her back home by Grace on Wings.

Unfortunately we could not initially do the flight because Hal and I were at a conference and when we were finally able to go, the weather was too bad for us to fly (airplanes and tornados don’t mix!) We finally had the OK to go and we arrived bedside to grateful friends and family. She was still very weak and still on a ventilator.

She did well in flight and we arrived to East Texas and a wonderful caring facility. Her son arrived and gave me a great big bear hug saying, “thanks for finally bringing my Momma home!” He brought us some wonderful Texas barbecue from a place called “Adam’s Rib.”

Since the flight her daughter said she’s able to breath on her own much of the time and is getting stronger every day.

Thanks for a great team of Matt, Hal, Rusty and Mike!



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