Mission 228

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Little Rock, Arkansas

Newark, New Jersey

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mission Report

Gayleatha B is a 65 years old and has been battling bone marrow cancer for a few years.

She traveled from her home in New Jersey to a specialty center in Little Rock. Unfortunately her condition was finally determined terminal and all she wanted to do was get home to her loved ones to say goodbye.

Grace on Wings was contacted by her family to help her travel home. I was called by her doctor the day before transport to tell me that she was in respiratory distress and may not be able to survive the flight. Her doctor said her family “just doesn’t understand and they think we are trying to prevent her from coming home.” I understood that it was the families faith in God that Gay would make it home-faith not ignorance.

We arrived and Gay was doing well. She was breathing with oxygen from nasal canula and alert. We learned Gay had devoted her life to being an ambassador for South Africa and had traveled the world. When we asked if she’d met president Obama-she said of course.

She was in quite a bit of pain and with some medication, she was able to rest during much of the flight.

When we arrived at her hospice in Newark, I was surprised at the amount of family present to greet her. She had tears of joy to see her siblings. As we gathered to pray over her, I had to smile as I prayed and had a room full of “praise Jesus!” and “yes Lord!” I wasn’t used to this verbal confirmation while I prayed but I liked it!

We pray for Gay’s comfort in her last days on earth and we are so glad she is looking forward to seeing her Savior soon.

Thanks for a great mission by medic Adam and flight team of Hal, Rusty and Mike!


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