Mission 225

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Nashville, Tennessee

Baltimore, Maryland

Thursday February 28, 2013

Mission Report

Stacey G, 24 years old and she relocated to Knoxville after college at UT and is engaged to the love of her life, Andrew. On a short road trip last month, he lost control of his car and Stacey was ejected when the car rolled over.

She had been reclined on the seat sleeping and her seatbelt wasn’t tight. Air Evac helicopter was called out and transported her to Vanderbilt in critical condition. She was not breathing on her own and had serious head injury along with pelvis and other fractures, and spleen rupture. She was dying and was rushed immediately into surgery. Miraculously she made it through the first night.

A few days later a section of her skull was removed to allow for swelling. Her mom flew out from Baltimore to be by her side. Fortunately Andrew’s injuries were healing and he was allowed to be discharged to rehab.

Reluctantly, he traveled back to his home in Kansas for rehab. He was still blaming himself for the accident and told Stacey’s mom “she was my responsibility.” Stacey’s mom, Sophia, without bitterness, told him God is in control and that it was just an accident.

I’m sure that many of us wouldn’t have the same grace when it came to our daughter. But I am so thankful for Stacey’s mom’s heart and faith. Even just hearing her voice on the phone the night before Grace on Wings flight, I could sense a peace that only God can give.

When we arrived at Vanderbilt, Stacey was opening her eyes and breathing on her own. She had even figured out how to communicate a little through sign language-a skill she had learned long ago. Her mom was calmly by her side (carrying the skull flap in a cooler to take with us.) She told us Stacey was a twin-her only children, and they had lost their father at young age and they were all very close.

Her brother was waiting back in Baltimore to see her. We had an uneventful flight and arrived safely to one of the busiest ER’s I’ve seen: U of Maryland Shock Trauma. Even though Stacey was stable-she had to be evaluated by their team before admission.

On Caring Bridge website today, she was able to get her feeding tube placed and is soon going to rehab. What a miracle she is!

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for this wonderful young couple-hope I’m invited to the wedding!

Thanks for great team of Larry and new recruit Jackie! Also to Hal, Rusty and Mike and our Lord for keeping us safe in the ice.



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