Mission 224

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Naples, Florida

Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday February 21, 2013

Mission Report

When we arrived at the hospital in Florida, Sharon was all smiles.  Even though she couldn’t speak yet because of the trache tube, we all could understand the resounding “yes” she said when asked if she was ready to go home!

We prayed over her and loaded her into our Aircraft.  It was a beautiful sunny and 85 degree day!  I have to admit to drooling a bit when flying out over the white sandy beaches of the Gulf.

Mid-flight Sharon gave us a look of distress and her blood pressure sky rocketed.  We had been told to be sure to keep her pressures down so as not to blow the aneurysm.  I grabbed for the medication bag and my team when into action.  Nurse Kim pushed the medications and RT Joyce began to suction her to help her breath.  Thankfully she calmed down and her vitals stabilized.  I’m sure the excitement wasn’t fun for her son either.

We arrived in Cold/cloudy 22 degree Indy to awaiting Heartland Ambulance and their owner Ken Jackson again donated the ground trip (we love him!)

We pushed the gurney with the worn out Sharon up to the neuro ICU and I see a tall physician jump to kiss her.  ( I figured out it was the friend she was with in Florida, whom I had spoken with on the phone quite a bit.)  I reached out my hand to introduce myself and was surprised when he said “my ANGEL!!” and gave me a great big bear hug!  I think my feet even came off the ground 🙂

She made it through the 4hr surgery and I’ve been told she is doing well.  Praise God for allowing us to be His hands and feet.

Thanks again to the Heartland crew-for always being so professional-and to my crew of Kim and Joyce and the boys: Hal, Rusty and Mike.



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