Mission 223

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Evansville, Indiana

DeKalb, Illinois

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Mission Report

Anything with a motor that is driven can be dangerous-even with a helmet on. Joseph G was in a very serious accident when his snowmobile collided with a barn.

He suffered a severe head injury and multiple facial and neck fractures, multiple rib and forearm fractures. He was helicoptered to Deaconess Trauma 1 Level hospital in Evansville, Indiana and amazingly is pulling through.

He needed transport back to his home state of Illinois for rehab (because of having state based Medicaid) and the only facility able to serve all his needs was up at the Northern end-8 hours from his current hospital and still 5 hours from his home. Initially the hospital was going to send him by ground but the leading doctor knew it would be very difficult on Joseph and the staff to try to keep him sedated and safe that long.

The case manager contacted us and we were off to get him and his wife the next morning. Our medical director Dr Milstead wanted Joseph sedated for our flight because he was combative at times-with splints on both arms and he is a very big guy-at least 6 1/2ft tall.
So we arrived and Joe was sleeping nicely and our skillful team continued with his sedation drip and ventilator. We arrived to his new facility and tucked him in and prayed over him. His tiny Asian wife of 10 years by his side.

We pray for his continued healing and hope he is able to be moved back near his home and 7yr old son soon.

Thanks for Mercy Ambulance for donating the ground ambulance in Sycamore IL-you guys are wonderful!

Thanks to my great staff of RT Kim, flight nurse Julie and Hal, Rusty, and Mike.



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