Mission 221

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thursday January 31, 2013

Mission Report

Betty W is an active 84 year old woman who was visiting family in Indiana. She was with her sister for Thanksgiving and they went out shopping for Black Friday. She suddenly began to be confused and was taken to a local hospital where it was found she had a large stroke. After emergency neurosurgery she was on a ventilator and was unable to move any of her Left side.

She was transferred to Seton Hospital where she miraculously began to wean off the ventilator and move her left side and even begin speaking. Her husband of 58 years waited for her back at their retirement home in Pittsburgh. Her family found out about Grace on Wings from the case worker and doctors said she was finally stable enough for rehab.

On a cold January day, we arrived to bring her and her two daughters back to her home and anxiously awaiting husband in Pittsburgh. We had some concerns about her heart monitor tracing but she stabilized and we had a good but turbulent flight in the winter weather.

The wind had pushed us at 60 knots faster than usual and we landed safely in PA (thanks to excellent skills of pilot Hal). We rode to her new rehab facility and her as we pulled up to the door-his daughter began crying as she recognized her fathers shoes standing just inside. He was quick to give his long lost wife a huge kiss when we pulled her inside. (not a dry eye anywhere!)

We all prayed before heading back to the airport and to wait out some weather-we got to live up to our second motto “will work for food!” We enjoyed a heck of a sandwich at Panini’s that included lunch meat with fried egg and coleslaw and topped with french fries and then bread-whew! God is good!

Thanks for Heartland Ambulance for your faithful support in Indy-we look forward to giving you the “Nellie award” at this years Gala on Feb 22nd!

Thanks for great mission by Hal, Mike, Tim and Bob!



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