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Murphysboro, Illinois


Birmingham, AL

Wednesday January 16, 2013

Mission Report

Sadly, Grace on Wings had our first patient die with us.

Martha F was 51 years old and battled colon cancer for past two years.

They traveled to Southern Illinois for a last attempt at surgery on the cancer and she ended up with a large infection and nothing more could be done. Her last wish was to get home to see her family back in Jasper, Alabama.

Grace on Wings was asked to fly her 2 days ago but due to the severe ice storm, we were unable.

The case manager asked us to please get there as soon as possible because her lungs were failing. We finally were able to go get her yesterday but from the time we took off to get her, her oxygen levels had plummeted, even on Bipap (mask assisted breathing) – we attempted for over an hour and a half to try to stabilize her but she continued to decline until her heart stopped.

I was thankful I was able to pray with her before she became unconscious. The doctor who was observing us work went out to tell her son Joe she had died and when I knelt down to console him, the doctor asked me to pray with them (first time in all my years in medicine that a doctor has asked me to pray) and I was able to pray with the son and the other family present and the doctor stayed and bowed his head.

Please keep this family in your prayers. I’m not sure if they are believers, and I know they are hurting. Joe proceeded to hyperventilate and pass out due to all the stress, he was very close to his Mom.

Thanks to the heroic measures by my nurse Todd and RT Kim for doing their absolute best and for accepting when God said “no”. His ways are higher than our ways.

Thanks to Hal and Mark and Bob for safe flying.