Mission 218

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Miami, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

January 5, 2013

Mission Report

New Year and we are so excited to see what God has in store for 2013!

We started off with Molly D, 94 years old and she was living independently in Florida until this winter when she passed out and they found she has lung cancer. She remained in a nursing home in North Miami until her family finally decided to bring her back home near her loved ones.

She arrived to the airport to meet us via wheelchair van per her families request and she was alert and spunky! She spoke in her Polish accent, “I’m Steeef”, which I took to mean she was tired of sitting.

We assessed her and laid her down on our cot and loaded her into the plane and prayed with her. She said she was Jewish and I told her “so is your pilot, Hal”. She smiled and said how “pretty” Alex’s hair was-I think she was flirting with him because he told her he was also Polish 🙂

We had an uneventful trip to Indy to refuel and then upon takeoff-entered the winter storm! Hal and Rusty were working hard as they fought ice and wind and snow and turbulence as we flew toward Chicago. Out over the lake, the turbulence was pretty severe and the medic Alex and I both were getting air sick. Molly slept through all of it-praise God! We prayed hard for safety as Hal made an extraordinary landing into the airport. The plane behind us missed his landing and had to go around-visibility was down to minimums plus terrible shifting winds in “the Windy City.”

Molly woke up and gave us a huge smile and said “snooooww”! She was so happy to be back home.

Her family met us at the nursing home and Molly-who hadn’t recognized any of them yet, finally took a good look at her nephew with her hands on both sides of his face and began crying “you look the same!”

We hugged them goodbye and arrived back to the snow-covered airport. Hal and Rusty had to work hard again getting us back safely to Indy-I did my part by praying-and we touched down smoothly.

Thanks again to Superior Ambulance who was awesome and professional as always, and donated the ground ambulance in Chicago.

Thanks to God for keeping us safe and letting us get Molly home near her loved ones for the final part of her life.

Thanks to Hal and Rusty for expert piloting and to medic Alex for excellent care of Molly and for having “pretty hair.”



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