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Durham, North Carolina


Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday November 2, 2012

Mission Report

Grace on Wings was called to get Lewis P back home after brain surgery on a large tumor that was found this summer when he began having seizures. He is normally very healthy 77 years old and is an avid golfer.

His son-in-law is a neurosurgeon from Canada and recommended that they have the specialized surgery at Duke University Hospital. He actually was awake during the surgery so surgeons could “map” out the brain and take only tumor.

His recovery was supposed to last only a week and then they’d be home but sadly Lewis never “woke up” fully. And it was found he was having a lot of seizures that were only visible by EEG waves.

He was trialled on many different medications and after 6 weeks, doctors felt there was not more they could do but try rehab to see if his mental and physical condition would improve. Thankfully his daughter found Grace on Wings to get him back to Indy for rehab at RHI. His wife said there only other option was for her to stay in NC and have him admitted to a rehab there-miles away from any family or friends. And especially with the Holidays coming-she was on her last bit of strength.

We arrived and Lewis was groggy but followed simple commands.

We tucked him into the ground ambulance and traveled to the Raleigh-Durham Airport where Nellie and pilots were awaiting us. We all prayed over him and I hugged his wife and told her to relax-this was the easy part. Let go and let God.

We flew back and Lewis slept peacefully. When we arrived back to Indy-we were met by Heartland ambulance’s Breast Cancer Awareness Ambulance-who graciously donated the ground trip to RHI.

We were met at the rehab by all his daughters and family and tucked him in to let them love on him.

God is so gracious to be able to get families back together by using us.

Thanks to great new volunteer nurse Jen and to great piloting by Mike and Hal.



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