Mission 211

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Cleveland, Ohio

Chicago, Illinois

Thursday October 11, 2012

Mission Report

After visiting friends in Cleveland Dan S, 45 year old from Chicago, suffered a life-changing event. Dan dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool and fractured his spine ending up with a spinal cord injury, paralyzed from the chest down, and requiring mechanical ventilation to breath.

Grace on Wings picked Dan up at the Cleveland hospital’s Surgical Trauma ICU. The staff at the ICU was very pleasant and helpful. Report was received on him while Matt Chief Flight Nurse placed him on Impact transport ventilator. Todd RN assessed him and placed him on monitors. Dan was ventilating well on the Impact vent, and we transferred him over to our cot. He was very calm and excited to get back home to Chicago.

Hal and crew prayed over Dan before loading him into Nellie on that windy Cleveland morning. Once in plane IV fluid was started, patient’s vital signs, and ventilation monitored throughout flight. Dan remained stable and tolerated flight well.

Upon arrival to Chicago as we flew over Lake Michigan and approached land, the turbulence increased greatly. Dan’s eyes got big we reassured him and held his hand to comfort him for the last few minutes of the flight. Hal and Mike made a great landing with large cross winds. Hal of course gave the praise and glory to God for a safe landing.

Dan was met at the airport by his sister and his mother, along with other extremely happy and thankful family and friends. He was then transported to a rehab center in Chicago from airport without difficulty. Report was given to rehab center and questions answered. Cross and Bible was presented to Dan before the crew prayed over him for his continued improvement and guidance in his life.

It is such a blessing and privilege to serve God by helping your fellow man after a tragic accident.

Thanks to Hal and Mike for a great flight, and thanks to Matt for teaching “the new guy” on the crew. The biggest thanks goes to God for giving us the gifts to help carry on the mission of Grace on Wings.