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Denver, Colorado

Burbank, California

Friday September 21, 2012

Mission Report

Tim A was born with hemophilia-a blood condition in which he is missing a clotting factor and his blood doesn’t clot. Most of us don’t even give a second thought to a small cut-God has provided the huge number of reactions that take place to allow our blood to clot. Even as a child, Tim had spontaneous bleeding into his joints causing major damage to his cartilage. He did not walk for years after high school due to pain and deformity. Hope was found in a surgeon that specialized in orthopedic surgery for his rare condition out in Los Angeles and he began to be healed of his lame condition. Miraculously after multiple surgeries he began to walk again.

1 month ago he underwent a total hip replacement in his R leg-17th ortho surgery-and was able to fly back home to Denver for continued healing. He was walking with crutches in his home when one crutch caught on the edge of the rug and it sent him falling to the ground. His wife knew she had to get his IV clotting factor in his system and as he lie on the floor bleeding through multiple abrasions, she gathered enough composure to get it right in the vein. He was in extreme pain and xrays at the ER showed he had broken his hip around the artificial component. Doctors in Denver refused to try to do surgery on his extreme condition but his insurance wouldn’t pay to fly him out to his doctor in LA for surgery. So he lay in the hospital bed with extreme pain whenever he moved for 4 days before his wife Cyndie found Grace on Wings.

Hal was just finishing up his annual training in Tulsa and was able to meet flight crew in Denver with Nellie.

The insurance wouldn’t pay for us to get to the hospital so Tim’s family came to the rescue! Tim’s daughter CJ met Nellie at one airport to get the cot and medbag in her SUV, and Cyndie met the medcrew at the other airport to pick us up and we all met the ambulance at the hospital Tim was at.

Cyndie had made a plea through Facebook for donations to help get Tim this lifesaving surgery and donations came pouring in for him! She said that they had been married over 38years and he really needed to see “Jesus at work”. Although he admitted to praying to Him for others on occasion, he had not fully given his life to Christ.

Tim cried both when we prayed over him before loading him onto Nellie with the words “showing Christ’s love through aviation” by the door and he cried again when we finally tucked him into the LA hospital and prayed. His wife couldn’t believe we actually loaded him onto the cot initially and also went bedside to the hospital to be sure he made it OK (quite an ordeal with the space shuttle traffic). I told her our precious cargo had to be kept safe.

I pray tonight for the surgeon to be guided by THE GREAT PHYSICIAN as I hear he is right now in surgery. I pray Lord to slow bleeding and allow Tim to walk again. Lord, you created us in Your image and

“I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” Psalm 139:14

Thanks so much for flight nurse Teresa, for pilots Kyle and Hal, and flight follower Bob for giving their God-given skills to help make this mission happen and show him Christ’s love.



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