Mission 207

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Houston, Texas

Chicago, Illinois

Monday September 3, 2012

Mission Report

Pat found out he had cancer of his right kidney in 1998. He had the kidney removed and went through treatment but the cancer came back. Over the past few weeks he learned the cancer had not only spread to his liver, bone and lungs, now it was in his brain.

The doctors told him and his family that there was nothing more they could do. He had relocated years ago from his home in Chicago to Houston TX but his family was all in Chicago except for his daughter who was in the Navy in Virginia.

He told his siblings he wanted to come home. His one sister works for a critical care transport company as a pediatric nurse practitioner who does some airplane transports, but the company would not help without huge payment. Their aircraft is leased.

She then found Grace on Wings and we were ready to help.

Pat’s brother drove his two sisters down from Chicago for the flight down to go get him. When we arrived, he was confused and even a bit annoyed that we were there to get him. After his sister reassured him and reminded him he was going back to Chicago-he was fine.

He even said to us “I’m not very spiritual but could you pray with me before we leave?” All his friends and sisters and even two nurses gathered around his bed to pray before loading him up. He looked very frail. His one sister said how sad it was to see him in that state because “he used to be a really cool guy.”

Our flight was smooth and we landed for refuel at Little Rock. Airports we refuel at have a firetruck standing by in case anything happens-they can get our patient out.

We arrived at Chicago Midway airport and Superior Ambulance was waiting to help us again by donating the ground ambulance for this family in need. We arrived to Northwestern Hospital and Pat has a beautiful room overlooking the lake.

We pray for his comfort and that he and his family will continue to seek God during this time.

Thanks again to Superior Ambulance’s wonderful care and for great flying by Hal and Mark, and for medic Glenn and flight follower Mike for also serving.



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