Mission 203

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Atlanta, Georgia

Monday August 20, 2012

Mission Report

Angie P is a 41 years old and lost her husband in Iraq soon after the 9-11 tragedy. She was pregnant at the time and never got the chance to tell him. She is a single mom raising a wonderful boy named Sean. Last April after working all day and then going out with some friends (Sean was spending night at his friend’s) she was witnessed to “not make the turn” on I-65 and her car ran off the road rolling over.

She was unconscious at the scene and found to have a severe head injury-it was thought she fell asleep at the wheel. She was fighting for her life and it sadly was 12 hours before her family discovered she didn’t show up for Sean’s ball game. They called police and found out she was on life support.

Months went by and she lay in a coma. Sean is living with his Grandparents in Franklin Indiana. Miraculously, Angie began to “wake up” and responding 5 weeks ago. Her best friend was from Atlanta and told the family of the Shepherd head injury specialty center and they began to try to get her there. It took a few weeks and her insurance finally approved it-then was the task of getting her there. The family was told about Grace on Wings and we came to get her there.

I thought it must be God intervening in a different way also because Hal and I are helping with a church plant in Franklin with Pastor Gary, who serves on our board at Grace on Wings, and Sean and his Grandparents live only blocks away from our new church. I felt like God was telling us that we needed to spiritually intervene as a church to pray for this hurting family and be there for them.

Pastor Gary and the family came to the airport to pray over Angie before we left for her new rehab adventure. Sean was only in his first week of school so couldn’t join us. Her sister Amy was there to fly with us. As we loaded her onto the plane her mom said “I love you Angie” and amazingly Angie responded mouthing the words “I love you too.”

When we arrived to the Atlanta Airport, her best friend was there to greet us. As she held Angie’s hand (with her hand shaking) told us that Angie had always been there for her and now it was her time to be strong for Angie.

We all gathered around Angie at the Shepherd Center for prayer and the nurse recognized us as taking one her other patients home (Jacob B). Praise God for such sweet and wonderful care at that facility.

We pray Angie will continue to heal and come home soon.

Thanks to awesome help again by Americare for ground ambulance and for great skills by RT Joyce and pilots Hal and Mark and flight follower Bob!



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