Mission 202

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Columbia, Missouri

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thursday August 16, 2012

Mission Report

On the morning of August 16th Grace on wings left to travel to pick up 63 year old Kay B, who was very severely injured in a motorcycle accident along with her husband, and now needed to rehab and regain strength in Grand Rapids Michigan, where she will be near family and her home.

We arrived safely in Columbia, Missouri and met Kay and her husband at her bedside. Kay’s husband, Jack had just been released from rehab on that day and was still a little weak, so getting them both settled on “Nellie” was somewhat of a challenge but we did it!!

Kay was somewhat restless throughout the flight but with Jack’s help we did just fine. We arrived in Grand Rapids and were met at the rehab facility by some of Jack and Kay’s family, who were really glad to see them!

As we were in the ambulance riding back to the airport in Grand Rapids, it was apparent from the radar on my smart phone that there were some very bad storms in Indiana and we would probably not make it home that night. As soon as we saw Hal and Mark, they confirmed me and Kim’s suspicions, yes, we would be spending the night in Grand Rapids.

After a restful nights rest at a hotel near the airport, we were off to Indy the next morning. What a beautiful morning it was to fly!! Thanks to Hal and Mark for getting us home safe and to Kim for her excellent nursing skills.

In His name,

Deb Molter, RRT