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Atlanta, Georgia


Indianapolis, Indiana

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mission Report

We took Jacob B to Atlanta Shepherd Center on “Good Friday”. He is 18 years old and was in a car accident last March while driving to high school on a rainy morning. The Center specializes in traumatic brain injury and “coma therapy”.

Jacob has made a lot of improvements and is off the ventilator and even following some movement commands. He is still mainly in a comatose state and has a trache to assist in his breathing. He still has part of his skull missing from where they did emergent surgery to allow for swelling.

We flew him back to his home near Noblesville in Indianapolis last week. His parents said the Center has been amazing in helping to train them in his care and they had their home set up for him. Jacobs eyes were open most of the flight and I held his hand for over an hour-when I let go to do my paperwork his heart rate jumped to 120’s which let me know he wanted my hand back!

Thanks to Heartland Ambulance for providing the ground transportation again for Jacob. Thanks to Medic Glenn, and pilots Mark and Hal for great flying and for flight following around the storms by Bob.

Even though his mom works for a nursing home, they vowed to bring Jacob home to his own bedroom. They still need your prayers that God will provide healing for Jacob-now that he is back in familiar surroundings, and also that his parents will be able to find help with his care. My fear is that between trying to work full time and also provide care for him around the clock that they will hit “burn out” very soon.

They welcome your following on Facebook: Prayers for Jacob Bolling.



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