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Memphis, Tennessee

Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday June 19, 2012

Mission Report

Vincent is 33 years old and was living in Arkansas when he began to have abdominal pain and weight loss earlier this year. He finally went to the ER where a scan showed he had probable cancer of his small intestine. He then had surgical resection of the known cancerous part and had chemotherapy.

Unfortunately the cancer had spread into his colon and he began to have a lot of bleeding. After 9 transfusions he was sent to Memphis to see if they could get the bleeding controlled. He was put on IV nutrition only and the bleeding finally stopped. Only option he had then was chemo to hopefully prolong his life and no family near, his mom searched for a way to get him back to Chicago where his family was. Since he was on medicaid, which is a state based program, she had to fight to get a hospital to accept him.

She finally did find an accepting hospital and Grace on Wings was found by her other son as the only way to get him home. Against all odds, “Momma Bear” found a way to get her son home before he died.

We arrived to a very grateful mom and Vinney. Despite his weakened state, he wanted to stand to get on our cot and he was fully dressed. He had a tube from his nose into his stomach that had to be placed on suction because his body couldn’t even digest his stomach secretions.

The bumpy ride to the airport worsened his abdominal pain and we had to give him medications a few times. Thankfully the ride on Nellie was smooth until we reached the Windy City.

We arrived to the hospital in Chicago where his brother and sister were awaiting with joyful tears. We gathered and prayed over him and I could see “Momma Bear” finally relax.

We pray for Vinney’s continued comfort and that the chemo will work on his cancer to heal him. We pray that he will come to know our Lord Jesus more intimately.

Thanks to great care by medic Justin and flying by Hal and Mike. Thanks for ground donation by Superior Ambulance and for flight following by Mike Ford.



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