Mission 193

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Savannah, Georgia


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mission Report

Shari D is a 59 years old and she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. She was considered to be in remission and was continuing with her life. She and her husband Bill traveled from Michigan to Hilton Head for a time of fun and relaxation last month when she passed out while playing tennis and hit her head.

She was rushed to ER where they scanned her head and found a small area of injury. She was watched closely for a few days because she had been on blood thinners for a clot in her leg and her head injury was thought to be stable. As they were making plans to discharge her and fly her home to Michigan on regular aircraft she became unresponsive.

A large bleed/stroke was now diagnosed and after MRI was thought to be from new area of cancer in her brain. The fall while playing tennis was not a simple “passing out”.

She began to awaken over next few days but had no movement on entire Left side of her body and she had difficulty swallowing so a feeding tube was placed. Her husband searched for a way to get her back home to her family and found Grace on Wings through a suggestion of one of his church members. The church even took up donations to pay for the flight cost.

We arrived bedside to see Shari and she was alert and understood she was going home. Bill had to drive the family car back home so we gathered to pray over her before we left the hospital.

We loaded her onto Nellie, our aircraft, and were soon off to Michigan.

She soon became agitated from being strapped in and we had to give her some sedation. She then calmed and listened to some Christian music on our headsets. We arrived to a wonderful new oncology ICU in Grand Rapids. Her family had not arrived yet and I always feel bad leaving patients with no one they know.

Fortunately she was still sleepy and we prayed with her for her comfort from our Lord who’s always with us. I spoke to her husband who was driving back and said their son was on the way to see her and I told him she was comfortable and napping.

We continue to pray for Shari’s comfort and healing now that she is back home. Thanks to great 2 day missions from pilots Hal and Bryce, and medic Scott and nurse JoLynne!