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Columbia, Missouri

Jackson, Mississippi

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mission Report

Joe T went on vacation with his wife to Lake of Ozarks and came down with abdominal pain. It was discovered that he had a bowel obstruction and when the surgeon went in, it was discovered he had a lot of scar tissue from an old military gunshot wound to his abdomen. His surgery turned into hours and the next day infection had already set in. He was flown to Columbia MO University hospital where is was discovered his bowels had eviscerated to the outside of his stomach wall.

Joe was fighting for his life and had to undergo several more surgeries as well as would vac to help close down the open would. His wife, Carolyn, stayed by his side for over 7 weeks, until the doctors felt he was stable enough to fly home to Jackson MS via air ambulance.

Carolyn said she was then given a list of air ambulance companies and Grace on Wings was definitely the one God told her to choose.

We arrived a little later than expected due to a rain delay and Joe was ready to finally get back home.

Plane-side we always pray with the patient before loading and this was the first time a patient said, “wait, let me pray for you!”

We landed safely to the hot Jackson area and Joe said, “whew its good to be back at home-down here y’all want to go to heaven, cause you know how hot hell can feel like 🙂

What a sweet family that God sent our way to help.

We pray for Joe’s continued recovery at the rehab center.

Thanks for great flying by Hal and Bryce and by great care by JoLynne and Scott!



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