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Columbia, Missouri


Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday May 30, 2012

Mission Report

Mary S is a 77 years old and from Chicago. She traveled down to visit with her daughter in Missouri and they had 3 wonderful days of hiking and playing golf and then that night for some reason Mary got out of bed and fell on the stairs.

Her daughter heard her fall and found her unable to feel anything from neck down. She was rushed to the hospital and then helicoptered to the trauma center for spinal cord injury at neck level. She had also hit her head pretty hard and says she remembers being awake but doesn’t remember much of the helicopter flight. She awoke later after emergency surgery to decompress her spinal cord and fuse her neck at 4 levels. She says she’s had the most problem now with being claustrophobic and having to wear a full neck brace. She will have to wear it for a total of 8 weeks.

Grace on Wings was called to get Mary back home to Chicago and to the awesome Rehab Institute of Chicago. When we arrived at the University hospital at Columbia, Mary was awake and eager to get on the plane. She loves to fly and was telling us of a prior adventure she’d had in an open cockpit plane. Mary had gained slight movement of the fingers on her left hand but still no feeling from her neck down.

Her daughter road out to the plane to see her off and Mary had to tell her to stop crying and pray-that everything would be all right. We all laid hands on Mary and prayed for her comfort and healing. We then slid her into the aircraft.

During the flight, we used a large mirror to help Mary see out the window because she couldn’t turn her neck with the large brace on. Mary enjoyed the flight and talked with us most the time. We arrived in Chicago and her family was allowed to come out on the tarmac to greet her. They all had tears of joy to see her again, especially her husband.

We were met by Superior Ambulance (who amazingly donates the ground ambulance for us!) and we were treated to a beautiful view driving up Lakeshore Dr on a gorgeous blue-sky day. When we arrived up to her rehab room, we were excited that she got a window view of the lake.

We prayed over her again-that our Lord, the Great Physician, would heal the swelling around the nerves in her spinal cord that aren’t working and that she would gain function of the use of her body once again and also to be able to tolerate the brace.

Thanks to wonderful care by nurse JoLynne and our student nurse Morgan, and to great flying by Hal and David. Also thanks again to Debbie at Superior Ambulance for all your support-we love you!


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