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Indianapolis, Indiana

Rochester, Minnesota

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Mission Report

Grady M is 70 years old and from Indianapolis.. He was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer January of this year. He began treatment at IU Cancer Center. In March he was found to also have a brain lesion that was diagnosed to be a cancer that had spread from an unknown source.

His daughter Lisa found out that Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN had seen the most cases of his rare cancer and asked if he could transfer there. As she was trying to arrange that his files and results be transferred up there, he was admitted for difficulty swallowing from the growing tumor in his throat. He ended up having a tracheostomy and feeding tube placement.

The doctor at IU refused to assist in the transfer process stating that “he was getting standard of care at IU.”

As his family fought to get him to Mayo, they had numerous doctors say “It couldn’t be done.”

Grace on Wings was called out to help with the transportation and the only way for him to be evaluated by the specialist there was to have an appointment there today and be “discharged to home care” to a hotel in Rochester yesterday.

When we arrived to pick him up, the nurse told us he had been found to have blood clots in both arms and they were having trouble with bleeding from his surgery sites due to the blood thinner and it was not given that morning. She also said he had “passed his oxygen test” and it was determined that he did not need oxygen at the hotel.

We loaded up a full plane at our hangar at Indy airport and were off to a blue sky day to the Northwest. Grady had trouble with feeling short of breath although his monitor showed normal. After landing and getting him into the transport stretcher van (first for us), he continued to complain of needing air. When we arrived at the hotel, we suctioned him and gave him medication but his oxygen levels were too low without oxygen. I called the home care nurse that was coming to care for him and he said that they did not have an order to bring oxygen and to take him to be reevaluated at the Mayo ER.

After monitoring him for another 30minutes and speaking with our medical director, we did have to take him to the ER.

He was feeling back to normal on oxygen in the ER and we prayed over him before leaving. His family was in tears of gratefulness when we left.

We pray for the healing hands of the doctors at Mayo and for the family and Grady to have peace in knowing they’ve done all they can for him.

Thanks for awesome care by medic/nurse Tim (aka Gulliver in the van transport!) and Hal and Bryce for great flying.



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