Mission 189

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West Palm Beach, Florida


New York City, New York

May 2, 2012

Mission Report

Toni B is 41 years old and was hit by a truck while jogging on vacation with friends in West Palm Beach, Florida. Report was that the driver had looked down at a text on his phone and didn’t see her until it was too late.

Her husband was back at home with their 4yo when he got the call that his wife was in critical condition with a head injury and crushed pelvis. She was being rushed to surgery to stabilize her condition.

When Jeff arrived he found his wife on a ventilator fighting for her life. He was told that the neurosurgeon argued with the ER doctor to not “let her pass” without at least trying to do what they could. Jeff was told she would not wake up without a miracle.

God is amazing and she did wake up and could recognize her husband and child. Grace on Wings was called in to get her back home to New York City for Rehab. Medic Scott and Nurse/medic Terry volunteered to go for the overnight mission. Thanks for their service in addition to pilots Hal and Mark and flight follower Mike Ford. Here is report from Scott:

Greetings! Here’s an update on on mission 189. Terry & I were finally able to make patient contact on Wednesday morning 5/2/12. We were transported by Paramedic ambulance to West Palm Beach Hospital where our patient was being looked after in ICU. The patient, Toni, was stable and started speaking again 48 hours prior to our arrival, per husband, Jeff. To date,

Toni’s recovery has been nothing short of miraculous! Toni had presented to the ER with the lowest possible score on the Glasgow Coma Scale (3); not a very positive outlook. But the Father was watching and had other plans! She is now moving all extremities purposefully and talking! Thank You, God!

After getting some additional details from the staff at the hospital, we departed for the airport. It was an uneventful trip from the hospital to the airport where “Nellie” and her crew, Hal & Mark, were waiting. After prayer, the patient was taken onboard followed by her husband.

The flight up the coast was beautiful and the patient tolerated the trip well. After a quick stop for fuel in Wilmington, NC, we were on our way to the airport in New Jersey-just across the bridge from New York City.

After safely touching down, Toni & Jeff were transported to the United Hebrew Home in New Rochelle. Toni will undergo some intense rehab including learning to walk again. Please keep Toni, Jeff, & their daughter Abigail in your prayers as Toni continues to recover from all of her injuries.

It was a privilege and a blessing to have been part of the crew and serve this family all to the Glory of God!

See ya on the next one!

In His Service,

Scott Coombs, EMT-P


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