Mission 187

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Terre Haute, Indiana

Dalton, Ohio

Wednesday April 25, 2012

Mission Report

John P is an 80 year old passenger that we transported one year ago to Indiana from Florida after he suffered a stroke.  He has been in a nursing home in Sullivan, Indiana and his daughter Sandy from Ohio was getting more and more concerned because his second wife was suffering from increasing Alzheimer’s and when she would visit, would at times be violent towards him.  After Sandy’s last visit, John told her he wanted to be relocated near her in Ohio.

Sandy was afraid his wife would be very angry at the move but Sandy was his power of attorney and knew what was best.  Sandy didn’t tell her until the day before we arrived.  She said the situation was very volatile and John was worn out from the stress.  I could tell Sandy was too.

On our way in the ambulance to get them, our hired truck overheated and we were stuck on the side of the interstate.  Next truck was over 40 minutes away, so I decided to flag down a pickup truck.  The good Samaritan was on his way from Chicago to Evansville and agreed to put our cot in the back of his truck and drop us off at the nursing home 6 miles away. What a blessing!

John had been given a sedative before we arrived and Sandy was worried it would “wear off” by the time we got him on the aircraft.  Sullivan medics arrived quickly to “save the day.”  We made it back and were in the air before the other truck would have picked us up off the roadside.

John slept most of the flight and Sandy finally was able to relax.  After the short 45 minute flight, they were on the way to his new home.  It was now the second patient we have been able to serve twice!

Thanks to great care by medic Terry and new recruit Nate, for following by Bob, for skills of Hal and Mark, and for our guys at Sullivan Ambulance!



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