Mission 186

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Valdosta, Georgia

Dixon, Illinois

Friday April 20, 2012

Mission Report

Nancy R is 82 years old and spends winters in Florida with her husband.  They were traveling back to Illinois by car where she fell in a hotel bathroom and was taken to Valdosta, GA hospital where they found a fracture around her total hip replacement.  She also has severe Alzheimer’s and has little to no short term memory.  Her husband said she now can’t remember her own children. 

The hospital thought it was best to send her back to her orthopedic surgeon in IL and decided to “deliver” her to Delta airlines via ambulance to board a plane with her husband.  When Delta refused (of course-she couldn’t sit due to pain) they sent her back to the hospital but her husband had pressing things to get done back at home and continued on the plane. 

That left her by herself at the hospital and that’s when they called Grace on Wings to come get her home. 

When we evaluated her at the hospital and found out she was not on any treatments to prevent blood clots (although she had now been in bed for 5 days) I called my medical director Jim Milstead.  This puts her at risk to throw a clot to her lung in flight with the pressurization changes. We decided since she had no contraindications to blood thinner, that we would ask her doctor to give her a shot before we left.

I spoke to the nurse practitioner that had seen her that morning and she said “she’s not normally my patient-I’ll have to check.”

After almost an hour of waiting with the patient in her room for the shot-we decided to “camp out” in front of the nurses’ station to wait.  With everyone staring at the friendly flight team and ambulance crew taking up their space, we got our patient’s shot rather quickly.  Hal was relieved because we needed to get flying in order to miss some storms brewing in our flight path.

We ended up having to circumnavigate some of the storms, but Nancy slept most of the trip.  It was so cute that my medic would smile and wave to her every time she’d wake up and she would give him the biggest smile.  After the 8th time she finally said “fancy meeting you here!” 

We arrived in Rockford IL and Superior Ambulance was there ready to donate the ground ambulance ride-Thanks!!

Thanks also to great care by medic Larry, flight following by Bob and great flying by Hal and DJ through the storms.

Thanks for praying for our safety!



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