Mission 182

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Peoria, Illinois

Monday April 9, 2012

Mission Alert

Ilene H is an 84 years old and was on her way to visit family in Florida and tripped walking off the plane ramp and injured her hip. Doctors initially thought it was a minor injury and told her to try to weight bear as tolerated.

After a few weeks in a rehab center, the pain did not improve and they performed an MRI that showed she had a stress fracture and pelvic fracture that needed surgical repair. They decided to get her back home to Illinois to have the surgery and further rehab.

Grace on Wings was called out to get her home and we had two wonderful volunteers that left with Hal on Easter Sunday, so she would be at the hospital for surgery Monday.

Our team of medic Laura, medic Terry offered great care for her and her family and she was safely transported finally back to her home state.

Our prayers are with her for her upcoming surgery.



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