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Indianapolis, IN


Atlanta, Georgia

Friday April 6, 2012

Mission Report

Jacob B is 18 years old and from Indy that was driving to his high school last month in the rain and was involved in a horrific accident. He was thrown from his truck into a tree hitting his head. Although he initially was awake/confused at the scene, by the time he arrived at the hospital, he was unresponsive. Jacob has a bleeding disorder in that his spleen breaks down his platelets making it hard for his blood to clot.

Doctors immediately rushed him to surgery to take off a section of his skull to stop bleeding and allow the brain to swell. They also took out his spleen.

After 30 days in the ICU, Jacob is still in a coma on life support. His parents thought their best option was to get him to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta where they specialize in head injury to see if they can get him to wake up.

We met Sherry and Baxter, Jacob’s parents when they came to our weekly bible study at our hangar. We prayed with them and my heart breaks for them.

Two days later we arrived bedside to see their youngest son in his comatose state. We gently placed his head protection helmet on and switched him over to our portable ventilator and slid him over to our cot.

Although he’s not awake that we could see, his vital signs did show he was becoming “bothered” by all our moving of him and we had to give him some sedation.

The flight went very well and Sherry was so thankful to be able to fly on “Good Friday”.
We pray for a miracle that Jacob will wake up!

Thanks for great work by Drew EMT-P/RT and Alex EMT-P, for flight follower Mike and for great flying by Hal and Rusty. A special thank you to Heartland Ambulance Service for the ground transport!


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