Mission 179

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Memphis, Tennessee

Hart, Michigan

Tuesday April 3, 2012

Mission Report

Nellie W is 87 years old and went with her daughter from their home in Michigan to Mississippi to visit her other daughter who is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. They decided to have a “night out” and while at a casino spending her “first $15” she went to sit down and fell and broke her hip.

Nellie has had 6 prior heart attacks and was on oxygen for history of COPD. Her daughter contacted an “angel flight” program out of Michigan that did flights for sick patients for no cost but she was too sick to qualify for the flight that has no medical personnel to monitor.

Her doctors knew there was no way to get her home except by air ambulance. Grace on Wings is still the only charity air ambulance in the nation that provides lower cost full service air ambulance transportation by using all volunteer staff. The “angel flight” program told the family about us and we were sent to go get Nellie home.

She was smiling when her granddaughter showed her a picture of our “Nellie” that we fly, with the name on her front side. We named our plane after the nurse “Nell Wood” from Frankfort, who traveled the world in order to show Christ’s love, and left a donation to the church when she died in her 90’s that was forwarded to us to hold the aircraft when she was found by Hal.

Nellie W was excited to get home but like a kid on vacation, kept asking “are we there yet?” She was uncomfortable and asked the medic, Larry, if he would rub her leg. Whoa did that help, and he graciously ended up massaging her leg for over an hour!

An amazing “God sighting” during this flight was that Larry had volunteered for the flight and found out that morning that we were flying into the small town of Ludington Michigan where his grandfather lives. He hadn’t seen his grandpa for over 3 years and called him to let him know. Grandpa was able to meet us at the airport! Larry was so excited to show him our Nellie and tell him about our mission.

The patient Nellie gave us a “you took good care of me” and smiled before heading to her rehab hospital.

Thanks for awesome flying by Hal and Mark, for diligent flight following by Bob (especially since we had a “Jesus take the wheel” moment on the way home), and for the great “masseuse”/medic Larry.

Thanks again also for all of you who flight follow and pray for our mission. We are in need of your prayers to keep us safe.



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