Mission 178

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Peoria, Illinois


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday April 2, 2012

Mission Report

Garry W is 49 years old and relocated from Philly to California for an aircraft mechanic job but after a few months decided it was not going to work out and packed up to move back to Philadelphia to his wife.

While driving cross country he was in a horrible accident in which his van was “T-boned” by a semi truck. He was not breathing at the scene and it was found he had a serious brain injury along with multi organ injury.

His wife said she was called at 6:00 AM to tell her his state was critical and she said she was not able to get a flight and get there until 12 hours later. He had already had multiple procedures and surgery and was on life support.

God has spared his life and he is now opening his eyes and breathing on his own, but has a long road ahead. Grace on Wings was able to get him home to a local hospital and his wife and sister were there to meet us with grateful hugs as well as very attentive nursing staff. Garry has been running fevers recently and they are going to search more for the cause.

Thanks to my new awesome recruits medic Alex and RT/medic Drew!

Thanks to our diligent flight follower Bob and to great pilots Hal and Rusty.