Mission 172

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Palm Springs, California

Indianapolis, Indiana

March 1, 2012

Mission Report

One common theme we see when caring for the sick and injured: family is important. Although some of our patients need to travel to get to the health care they need, the majority of our patients have unexpectedly gotten sick or injured away from home and need medical and air travel to get home-home to their spouse or parents, home to their kids, and home to the people that can truly comfort them.

These relationships are the most valuable thing to them. I’ve never heard any of our patients tell us about their houses or cars or boats or other “stuff” that they have or wish they had. They mainly show deep gratitude for helping to heal the most vital part about them-their heart. We are able to show the love of Christ by intervening in their sometimes hopeless situation and have an opportunity each flight to tell the patients, family, caregivers, airport staff, etc. how Jesus is the reason we do this, and only He can truly give life eternal.

Aaron N is 85 years old and an avid golfer. He winters in Palm Springs, California from Indiana and suddenly had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. He was able to get to the hospital in time to place a stent in the clotted artery that supplies a large part of his heart. Some damage still occurred and his doctor recommended cardiac rehab. His daughter-in-law is an ER physician that works with our medical director Dr Milstead. She and her family thought it was best to get Aaron back home to Indiana for this care and she was concerned about him being able to tolerate a commercial flight, as well as his frail wife who was oxygen dependent.

They called Grace on Wings to make another cross-country trip and we were able to fly out West and see the beautiful oasis of Palm Springs as the sun was setting. The next morning, we assessed both he and his wife before loading them onto our aircraft Nellie.

Aaron told us how important his family was to him and that he always looked forward to Sunday dinners with the kids and grandkids (usually 17 or more at the table). After coming so close to death, he couldn’t wait to spend more precious time with them. He said how grateful he was to have a doctor in the family that could look after him also. He was having trouble keeping his blood pressure up and became short of breath easily.

We pray that Aaron’s heart is able to heal now that he and his wife are home and that they will rely on the best comforter and life giver-Jesus.

Thanks to great care by flight nurse Teresa, flight following by Bob, and awesome flying in and around the mountains by Hal and Kyle and to Heartland Ambulance Service for all they do in support of this ministry.



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