Mission 169

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Pinehurst, North Dakota

Iowa City, Iowa

Thursday January 26, 2012

Mission Report

Martha W is 93 from Pinehurst NC and she recently lost her husband who was also 93. She had had a stroke a few years ago and needs assistance to walk and daily activities so her son and daughter-in-law stayed with her while they searched for a way to get her to a facility near their home in Iowa City. Grace on Wings was contacted to help relocate this very spunky lady.

She insisted on not having an ambulance pick her up and she rode to the airport with her daughter and family friends. Her neighbor with her six children had adopted Martha as their Grandma-so all of them were also at the airport to see her off. The kids were of course excited about seeing the aircraft “Nellie” and we told them how she got her name (from prior nurse from Indiana that traveled the world).

Martha joked with our medic as he placed the EKG sticker leads on her chest-that he was “getting fresh” with her. She enjoyed the flight and we all ate some fresh baked pumpkin bread made by her neighbor (my favorite!)

Martha was a sweetheart to fly with and she made it a point to tell Hal he made “a good landing” in Iowa. We arrived to much colder climate and bundled her up to get on the wheelchair van with her daughter-in-law to go to her new assisted living center. I told her I wanted to grow up and be just like her 🙂

Thanks for great trip by medic Glenn, new recruit medic Laura and pilots Hal and Mark.



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