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Rochester, Minnesota

Indianpolis, Indiana

Sunday January 8, 2012

Mission Report

On January 8th a hearty Grace on Wings crew flew to Rochester, MN to pick up Andrea R. who was about 26 weeks pregnant with twins. Andrea, and her partner Amanda, were visiting family for the holidays in late December when Andrea felt leaking of fluid. Baby A’s membrane was ruptured right after Christmas, 2011. Andrea went to the hospital and was immediately admitted, and then transferred to the Mayo Clinic.

Andrea was anxious to get home, and speaking with her insurance company regularly to work to make that happen. Her insurance company told her the they would work to get her home, but it could be weeks. Being the “go-getter” that she is, Andrea found another way to get home.

Home for Andrea and her partner is Indianapolis. Grace on Wings was able to provide a Super Team of Nurses and a Respiratory Therapist for this flight. Kim Locke, RN works on the High Risk Unit at St. Vincent Women’s, where Andrea would set up residence once she arrived in Indy. Mike Owens, RT, RN, works in the NICU at St. Vincent Women’s as well. Julie Petty, RN is a flight nurse for IU Health. Of course Tami and Hal were there, and safety pilot Rusty Nichols.

Upon arrival to the Mayo Clinic Andrea’s assessment was near perfect, and she was excited to get loaded up and head home. Andrea was loaded into Nellie “backwards” just in case we needed to deliver, but there was no threat of that during flight. Andrea was very calm and comfortable during the entire flight. She said that she grew up flying in small planes, so she was at ease.

As far as her pregnancy concerns, there were no contractions, or issues at all. Throughout the flight Kim and Mike were able to talk to Andrea about how things were expected to go once we reached Women’s. Andrea was comforted by the fact that she was able to meet a couple of her and her unborn children’s caregivers before arriving at SVWH.

I, Kim, stepped in to check on Andrea the days that I worked, and she seemed to be adjusting to life at SVWH well. She was wearing the GOW shirt we gave her and had her olive wood GOW cross sitting on the shelf in her room. She only had to hang out in her room for a little over a week before the babies said it was time to deliver.

At around 2:30pm on January 17 Andrea told her nurse that she felt like she might “need to push”. As it turns out she was completely dilated, and the babies were on their way. After some quick movement by the staff, Andrea was whisked off to the operating room, and Olivia and Lauren were born around 3:30pm on January 17, 2012. The babies are doing well in NICU. Andrea and Amanda took me to see them earlier today.

They are very positive about the outlook, even though the girls’ stay in the NICU will be months long. Andrea and I had a conversation today that it was very fortunate that we were able to transport her when we did, and she verbalized how grateful she is for that service.

Andrea was very realistic about the fact that if she had waited on insurance to move her home, she would have delivered in MN. Having 2 premature infants 8 hours from home would have been tremendously difficult for her and her partner.

Thank you for all of your support, and please sent prayers to precious new lives Olivia and Lauren.

Kim Locke, RN


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