Mission 165

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Buffalo, New York

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Saturday December 31, 2011

Mission Report

Genelle W is a 84 year old who came down with severe pneumonia while traveling with
her daughter and granddaughter to Niagara Falls after Christmas. She was taken to the local hospital in Canada and her breathing worsened and she had to be placed on breathing support and IV antibiotics.

After a few large credit card bills, she stabilized and was transferred to a hospital in Buffalo. Her illness was a shock to her family because she had never had any issues with her lungs or usual health.

Her daughter is a nurse and she began to realize that her mom’s recovery was going to take some time and found Grace on Wings to get them home.

When we arrived, Genelle had been able to wean off the breathing support onto nasal oxygen and she was grateful to be getting home. Her granddaughter had already taken a flight home to get back to school.

On the plane Genelle began to tell us how much she enjoyed traveling and flying and she told us she had been able to travel the world with her husband who was firmly involved in prison ministry. He went home with the Lord 6 years ago and she admits to feeling lonely and lost at times. She finds purpose in taking her 13 year old granddaughter to school and spending time with her.

I reflect that I shared wonderful moments with my Grandmother when I was a teen and she was a widow and also my daughter had similar cherished times with my Mom when she was alone. God tells us to visit the widows-unfortunately we get lost in our busyness and don’t always make time for them. “Grandma’s” not only need our love and time, they have a lot to teach us about life. Genelle made a point to thank Hal for the prayer he prayed over her before the flight and said God had definitely been watching over her.

We were concerned that on the flight with the thinner air, Genelle’s breathing might worsen. But like a true world traveler, she was in her comfort zone and she relaxed and actually improved during the flight-praise to God! Genelle said “even though I’m 84-I still have a lot of living to do”.

Thanks to a great team of Hal, Mike M, Mike F and new RT recruit Joyce!



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