Mission 163

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Gary, Indiana

Destin, Florida

Saturday December 18, 2011

Mission Report

Clyde S is a sweet 86 year old who has lived a full life. He grew up on a farm in northern Indiana and then worked for Bell Telephone for over 30 years. His health is failing and he tells us with glassy eyes about his wife of 62 years dying last year next to him. He recently suffered a stroke and congestive heart failure but is now able to go home with assistance.

Problem is his only family now-his 2 daughters live in Texas and Florida. Grace on Wings was called out to get Clyde back “home” for the Holidays or whatever days the Lord gives him on this earth.

We arrived at his nursing home in Crown Point Indiana and he was dressed and insisted in standing to pivot onto our cot. We secured him in and he kissed his one daughter goodbye as his other daughter awaited our arrival in Destin Florida.

I enjoy talking to the elderly about life’s lessons and experiences. On the way to the airport I asked him what his first car was-“a model A truck.” I then showed my ignorance and asked what color it was.

My medic Glenn and Clyde got a good laugh and said Henry Ford’s words “it came in any color you’d like-as long as it was black”.

When we prayed over him and loaded him up on Nellie I kept asking him if he was OK (his daughter told me he had a fear of flying.) He said, “yes I’m fine” and began to lean back on his pillow to rest.

Up at altitude Clyde began to have some trouble breathing and we had to descend twice to lower our cabin altitude (thicken the air) and also give him a breathing treatment and more oxygen. With him signing per his wishes a Do Not Resusitate prior to our trip, if he continued to worsen there was not much more we could do. Glenn and I just kept praying and occasionally waking him up to be sure he’d respond.

Once on the ground he began to perk up and his breathing stabilized. At his daughter’s house he even insisted on being helped to walk the few steps into the door and then gulped down a strawberry ensure drink-his favorite!

Thanks to God for helping us reunite this family for Christmas and we pray for peace for Clyde in his twilight days on earth.

Thanks to great mission by Hal, Mike, Glenn and Mike


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