Mission 161

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Boston, Massachusetts

Thursday December 1, 2011

Mission Report

God tells us to love one another and Grace is “love in action.”

Yesterday Grace on Wings was able to show love to Sharon R, a 70 year old who was diagnosed with abdominal cancer a month ago. She was being cared for at home by her daughters and wanted to go to Boston to the Christian Science nursing care center.

While their family’s beliefs do not wish to have any traditional medical care, God brought them to us for a reason, and they did consent to us being able to evaluate her prior to our flight, and monitor her during flight.

She arrived to our hangar very jaundiced and weak, but with a beautiful smile and two caring daughters to travel with her. Her vital signs were stable and we tucked her in and secured her on our cot. Hal and crew prayed over her and we took off on a clear cool Indiana day.

Her daughters were in tears as we ascended-they later told me they felt overwhelming peace with our ministry before they even arrived to the airport.

Sharon was clearly in pain in flight and it was hard for me not to be able to give her pain medication. I prayed during flight for God to comfort her and she did finally go to sleep.

We arrived as the sun set over Boston and we embraced before she was loaded onto the care center’s van and left. We pray for her comfort and Lord-willing, her healing.

I am so thankful to God for our mission in showing Christ’s love to the physically and spiritually sick and hurting. I am so grateful that I’m going to Heaven some day where there will be no more pain or suffering-not because of what I do or learn or accomplish or give-only because of what He gave.

Thanks for a great mission by Hal, Mark, Alan and Bob.



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