Mission 159

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Rapid City, South Dakota

Howell, Michigan

Thursday November 17, 2011

Mission Report

Diane V. is a 68 year old from Howell, Michigan who drove with her husband, Bill, out to Nebraska for one of their daughter’s 50th birthday parties when she became extremely ill and required a 17 day stay in multiple hospitals. Diane is a mother of 5 children, grandmother to 12 and great grandmother to 4. Diane was treated at a local community hospital intensive care unit until she could not be cared for appropriately by the services at the hospital in Nebraska. Then she transferred by a fixed wing air ambulance to the closet regional hospital, which was in Rapid City, SD where our story begins with this pleasantly spirited and joyful follower of Jesus Christ on November 17, 2011.

God was with us on this mission, as He always is present. We had a strong head wind, which severely hampered our speed on our way to Rapid City. We left Indianapolis with the maximum amount of fuel on board and Nellie’s engines were working at 100% capacity depleting our fuel at about 100 gallons/hour.

Nellie was extremely thirsty which required us to divert to Sioux City, SD at JetSun Aviation Centre. Hal was concerned with our personal nourishment once we arrived Rapid City. Our Gracious Lord Jesus Christ already had provisions in place for us. The great people of JetSun were having their thanksgiving lunch party when we arrived and they invited us to partake in their Thanksgiving Dinner. We quickly ate while Nellie got refueled. We are extremely grateful for the Lord’s provision and the generosity of the JetSun crew.

We arrived at the hospital approximately one hour late (by our plan but on time for God’s plan) due to the head wind and the fuel. Diane and Bill were very excited, as they had been waiting to go home for many days. Bill stated, “I was really concerned with how I was going to get Diane home and we were almost in a state of despair and then we heard about Grace On Wings. Another air ambulance service quoted us at $20,000 to get Diane home and we just could not afford that cost. God really provided through your service.” Diane is dependent on continuous oxygen therapy. I told Diane and Bill that I was extremely thankful to have someone as a patient who is so joyful and able to speak. I explained to them that I usually work in an intensive care unit where the people I care for are usually too sick to communicate.

During the flight back to Howell, Diane played Angry Birds on my iPad. Angry Birds is one of her favorite game since her granddaughter introduced her to it. Diane and Bill have their own iPad which they indicated had really helped them communicate with others and help pass the time in the hospital, which provides no rest and is boring. They enjoyed paying games and watching moving on Netflix during the hospital stay.

We got Diane and Bill back to their home. We spent some time at their home discontinuing a few interventions, which were in place that she did not require now that she was home. We provided Diane with a cross made of olive trees by Palestinian Israelis in Jerusalem who Dr. Jim Milstead, GOW Medical Director, knows and we gave her a Physicians Life Reference (Bible). We told her welcome home and she got teary eyed. A respiratory therapist was present at the house to get Diane setup on home oxygen therapy and on her BiPap machine to provide her with respiratory support. She will continue with rehabilitation at home with home healthcare.

During this mission, we were also able to witness to other healthcare workers. We gave out several bibles to people on this mission. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working in the lives of those we witnessed to on this mission.

Grace On Wings operates with a full volunteer staff strictly to bring Glory to the One who holds everything together, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are humble that God allows us to serve Him in this capacity with the gifts He has given us to serve. We ask for your continued support of this ministry through pray and however the Holy Spirit leads you. In Christ’s everlasting and incomprehensible love, GOW staff.


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