Mission 154

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St. Louis, Missouri

Cleveland, Ohio

Thursday October 6, 2011

Mission Report

Courtney P is a wonderful 23 year old college kid that was driving near St Louis and was hit head on by another car. She miraculously survived with a neck fracture and multiple right arm and both leg fractures. She had already been through several surgeries and still needed more but really wanted to get back to her family in Cleveland.

We arrived and anyone could see what a bright light she was to all her surroundings. Everyone at the rehab came to say goodbye and she insisted on trying to help us move her onto the cot.

Like most young people-she had to text during most of the trip. Her precious Grandmother had been by her side since the accident.

When we landed in Cleveland, her brother and father were their with big hugs to meet us.

We pray for Courtney’s continued healing and for guidance of the doctor’s hands during her upcoming leg surgeries. We are so thankful for her courage and for her mind and personality to be intact-what a sweetheart!

Thanks for great mission by Hal, Matt and DJ.