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Baltimore, Maryland

Champaign, Illinois

Saturday October 1, 2011

Mission Report

Ken C is a 66 year old retired industrial arts teacher and wrestling coach who leads teams of teenagers with the Baptist Relief organization to disaster sites all over the US. He is known as head of chain saw team and a vital part of the mission. He has mentored young people for over 45 years–a leading part of many of their lives.

He was in Washington DC area helping after Hurricane Irene, when his safety cable let loose and he fell out of tree 25 feet onto his back. He was life flighted to a local hospital and found to have ribs on both sides of his chest broken with some blood in his chest on L and also 10 spinal fractures with only one being in the vertical support column and amazingly– no spinal cord or serious head injury. He must have an awesome guardian angel to protect him.

Two weeks out he was unable to get out of bed without this huge clamshell brace but somehow his rib began to poke more into his chest and a blood vessel began bleeding. Two days later surgeons had to finally open his chest to find the bleeder and ended up clearing two liters of blood clot out! This was only 3 days before we got the OK to fly him with his chest tubes. Thank you to all you who donate blood! He ended up having 8 units of blood transfused.

When we arrived to Maryland’s Prince George’s hospital to get him home, he was in great spirits. After he was loaded into Nellie and after all the moving and bumping around, his pain level began to increase and he began having some trouble breathing. We couldn’t fly any lower due to bad weather (icing in top of clouds) and since his tubes looked good and vital signs good, we decided to give him some medication to help him rest.

After taking a good hour nap, he awoke and felt much better. We then began to talk about the Truth-God’s word and how God is sovereign. Ken says he can’t wait to get back to serving in disasters-he says it is so wonderful to see how grateful people are. He even gives out small beanie bears to the children that says “Jesus Loves You” on the sleeve. How important to remind these kids of His love when they’ve lost everything.

And how wonderful to see how he cares for his volunteer teams-especially the teenagers. We discussed the new movie out “Courageous” and how important for kids to have strong fathers in their life. If not a father, then a “father-like” figure. (I strongly recommend the movie!!!)

I called today to check up on Ken and his wife says his chest tubes are out and he’s beginning to walk and get out of bed.

We pray for his speedy recovery-what an awesome servant of God.

Thanks for great team of Hal, Rusty, Tim and Bob.



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