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Destin, Florida

Washington D.C.

Tuesday September 13, 2011

Mission Report

Tommie Jean W. is 71 years old and found out she had colon cancer 1 year ago and underwent a large resection surgery. Surgeons thought they got all the cancer but unfortunately it was found to have come back this March. It was then considered inoperable and she began chemo.

She was from Destin, Florida but her only child was her daughter who lived in Virginia. Her daughter is very close to her mom spiritually, but had to fly out frequently to be near her physically. The last time she came out to visit she new her mom’s body was shutting down and knew she had to stay by her side. Problem was that Stacy was a mother of 11 children-7 that she still home schooled back in Virginia. The decision was made to have Grace on Wings get her out to Virginia to be near her daughter and grandkids in her final days.

When we arrived to the airport in Destin, Tommie Jean was there in a chair, surrounding by a waiting room of friends/family. (In certain circumstances, we allow hospice patients that are coming from home to travel to the airport with family if stable) She had here own backpack IV pump which was the only way her body could get nutrition and she was very thin. She had spiked a fever over past few days and spent yesterday in the ER getting IV fluids and IV line change.

Despite her physical weakness, Jesus shown through her eyes. We all gathered in the airport waiting room to pray over her and she was so grateful.

After loading her into Nellie, there was a parade of people coming in to say their last good-byes on earth, with many tears.

After we took off, we snuggled up Tommie Jean and as she listened to our testimonies of how awesome God’s grace has been to our lives and this ministry, she smiled.

I bonded with Stacey as a sister in Christ and how I had gone through losing my mom last year in a similar illness. She then shared with us that she had lost her 5year old son a few years ago from tragic drowning and instead of letting it destroy her, like Satan would have it, she gathered with her family and friends at her home and spent all day praising God for the time they had with him. They know he had accepted the life from Jesus and they’d see him again.

I’m honored to have met this wonderful Christian family, and am thankful we were able to serve them.

I pray for Tommie Jean’s comfort in her final days here.

Thanks for great mission from Mark, Hal, Justin and flight follower Mike.



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