Mission 148

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Baltimore, Maryland

Chicago, Illinois

Saturday September 10, 2011

Mission Report

Mission 148 on 9/10/2011 at 9 am, we were up in the air at 21,000 feet, flying at 319 mph.

We were on our way to pick up Hunter T. He is a wonderful young man (child of God), much loved by his mother, Pam, and his girlfriend. We had the pleasure of Pam’s company for the flight home. Hunter was a multiple trauma/trauma shock patient, who had become stable enough to transport home. He had miraculously survived a fall from a 5th story window. He had bilateral externally stabilized wrist fractures, and splinted, bilateral heel fractures. It is important to note that, although Hunter had suffered a burst L4 fracture (with subsequent bilateral lower extremity paralysis), he was experiencing some bilateral toe movement.

He was being transported from the Baltimore (University of Maryland) Trauma Center to the Northwestern University Trauma Center (in Chicago, Illinois) to be closer to home, in order to continue his recovery.

The transport team included Hal, Rusty along with Tim and JoLynne as the ministering RN team.

We flew on the memorial 9/11 weekend and experienced a bit of ground transport difficulty. It took some convincing before the Baltimore airport security granted permission for the Baltimore EMS transport team to be allowed onto the field to load our gurney and emergency transport equipment. The resistance and delay was due to the heightened weekend security and related terrorist threat precautions.

After we had acquired our precious cargo (Hunter) for transport, in Baltimore, we experienced a bit of difficulty when attempting to leave the hospital bay. Our transport vehicle engine did not want to start. I, immediately, went into the hospital to get help. Imagine my surprise, upon forlornly leaving the security office (after being told that the hospital security team does not provide jump-starts to vehicles) seeing an EMS truck with engines running! We were quickly rescued, with a jump-start, by one of the EMS team’s sister paramedic trucks.

Hunter was pre-medicated, for nausea, pain and anxiety, prior to the transport and appeared quite comfortable, during the flight. He listened to music, for part of the trip and had the head phones off, for the last portion of the ride. Hunter’s mother appeared comfortable, for most of the trip, taking pictures of the clouds and the scenery, below. Hunter was quite talkative, during the ambulance ride, upon arrival in Chicago. Dante and Angela were wonderful, as the ground transport EMS team Graciously donated by Superior Ambulance.

Highlights of the trip: Pam’s beautiful smile, Hunter’s happy chatter upon arrival in Chicago and Chicago pizza!

We were all grateful to God for another Blessed day, spent in safe travel and transport.

Be Well,


Please continue praying for Hunter’s recovery. He was 20 years old in college studying sports journalism. He had recently struggled with some psych problems and tried to take his own life, but God sent His angels to save him and after falling 5 stories-had no permanent head, neck or organ injury- and his extremities and lower spine are healing.

Wow has God have important plans for Hunter! Hal said he was a sweet spirit and “whatever demon had made him jump-seems to have left him.”

Praise God for His sovereignty!

Thanks for awesome work by Hal, Rusty, JoLynne and Tim on this flight. And as always for the wonderful gift of ground support by Superior Ambulance.



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