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Pensacola, Florida

Lake Katrine, New York

Tuesday August 31, 2011

Mission Report

First week of August we received a call from Pastor Bob to help get his son, Jeremy (29y years old), from Florida back home to upstate New York. He had been in a motorcycle accident almost 8 weeks prior and miraculously survived.

Reportedly, while weaving in and out of highway traffic at over 100mph-he swerved to miss another bike rider and hit the guard rail. He suffered severe head injury and was initially not expected to live. He was witnessed to have hit so hard it knocked his helmet off and he flew over 500ft. He was found with cocaine and alcohol in his system and his parents even found something he had recently written that asked the question, “what can I get away with and still get into Heaven?”

As a parent-this hit me hard. Their pain was so real. But their pain wasn’t bitterness or anger when we met them. They said it was more of a battle-a spiritual battle, but God was in control and He had a great purpose for this tragedy. They were sure that God was going to restore Jeremy. It was three weeks later when we finally got a place for Jeremy to go.

We arrived in Pensacola and I was shocked how much healing God had already done. In his prior notes it was said he was combative and agitated but he was alert and cooperative and I could see the “life” in his eye contact. He was more like a toddler exploring and learning.

When we arrived in New York at the rehab, I could see some fear in his parents as bed rails “were not allowed” and they just placed a mat by his bed. I prayed for his protection that God wouldn’t let him fall and told him I loved him (he said I love you too).

If Satan’s attacks where any indication of what is to become of Jeremy-Wow! We experienced some “battles” ourselves on the way home. With me bearing a day-old back strain in a bumpy truck, our EMT’s decided to take the long way back (so not to get another call) and light was fading (90min ride). Hal got upset when the line guy sprayed fuel on Nellie and then charged too much. Then the flight controller (?friend of line guy) “lost” our flight plan making us stay on the field with engines running way too long giving 20 different instructions to leave-finally I told Hal to stop and pray. I remembered the way Pastor Bob was looking at reality as physical + spiritual and it suddenly also occurred to Hal that “we were under attack”.

Nellie had us praying hard again when one of generator lights was coming on and off during flight and all sounded well but the third light on gear-down-and-locked indicator when out (mysteriously coming back on after landing).

Thank you God for your love and protection from the enemy, continuously.



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