Mission 146

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Toledo, Ohio

St. Louis, Missouri

Monday August 28, 2011

Mission Report

James J is a 69 years old from St Louis who was attending a wedding in Toledo, Ohio when he began to have heart problems. He underwent cardiac bypass surgery but he went into congestive heart failure and was unable to wean off the ventilator for weeks. His daughter in law, Sherry, initially contacted us and was extremely thankful for our mission because there was no way they could afford commercial air ambulance transport.

It took another 3 weeks for him to be stable enough for the doctors to allow him to fly home. Sherry had her brother drive her from St Louis to Indy so she could fly with us to go get James and he was so happy when we showed up.

From his recent chest xray and lab results, and also his weight of over 360#, we were concerned he may have trouble breathing at altitude. Hal flight planned to keep us lower than our usual flight and we had the ventilator set up if he “went South on us”.

God is so good, James had no problem in flight and we were able to get him tucked in at a hospital in St Louis. He couldn’t wait for his wife to get to his bedside to visit.

How important it is to have our loved ones near us to provide comfort and healing and how amazing it is to be able to bring that gift by God’s Grace!

Thanks to great work by Hal, Mike, Cheryl, and new recruit Terry!



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