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Tampa, Florida

Indianapolis, Indiana

Monday August 22, 2011

Mission Report

Loren S is 69 year old and was visiting his daughter in Florida along with his wife. He was swimming at their hotel when he was rescued by a bystander from drowning. Paramedics resuscitated him and he was taken to the local hospital in critical condition on ventilator. Not sure what could have caused this normally good swimmer to almost drown-the doctors scanned his head and neck for injury and his chest for pathology without any results.

As he began to wake up over the next few days-they noticed he was not moving his R side and they repeated the head scan where damage from a stroke was then seen but it was too late to intervene. After a week in a poorly staffed hospital, his wife just wanted to get him home to Fort Wayne Indiana. When I spoke to their daughter the night before our mission, she was in tears that we were able to provide assistance, not only for Loren, but also for her mom Barbara who was spending every minute at the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital to get Loren, his wife was by his side but despite it being a step down unit from ICU-we could not find any nurse to help us. It was 30min later when we already had him loaded up to go when we finally found a nurse to discharge him. His wife said the staff was great but there just wasn’t enough of them. Loren was also supposed to have a swallowing test that never happened and it wasn’t clear if he could adequately swallow liquids without aspirating.

We prayed over him before loading onto Nellie and it was a long 3hr 45min flight back to Indiana. We were met by Superior Ambulance who graciously drove 2 hours to meet us to donate the ground trip!! Their care was awesome. Before we arrived at Parkview hospital, I called to give report to nurse but waited 10minutes on phone with no one answering. We arrived at the floor and again-no nurse!!

We had him in his bed and had cleaned all our equipment and finally a nurse came. I spoke to his wife yesterday and she asks for prayer that he’ll pass his swallowing test so he won’t need a feeding tube.

I know hospitals I’ve worked at recently have nursing shortages also–speak to your youth about becoming a nurse-it’s a vital job and wow how you can make a difference!

Thanks to great job by Hal and Mark and my nurse Mike.



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